Student Tips to Get You Through University

Rachel Holdens     |     Jul, 01

Being a student isn’t all fun and games, it’s actually a lot of hard work and dedication which no one but yourself can give you.

Many view university as a right of passage and to some extent it is but for some, it’s also a necessity to help them reach their goals

I started university just over a year ago and I’m well into my second year and can honestly say I’m absolutely loving it.

When I started university, I did a lot of research, probably like you’re doing now so I wanted to share some of my tips that I’ve learned during my time at university in London.

Get Organised

This couldn’t be more important as it really looks me a good few months to sort myself out.

From buying the right books to turning up to lectures on time, I was a terrible student and blame a lot of it on not being organised.

Being organised helps to clear your mind and help you to mentally prepare and study. Know what’s upcoming, plan your semesters and if it means buying a new pencil case and notebook then do it.

Balance Work & Play

You are at university to work hard but don’t forget to also have fun.

Go to the party, have fun at the festival and head to £1 student nights in style, just make sure you carefully balance it all. if you’re on top of things then you can afford to go out but if you’re up against it and need to revise then don’t go out until 5 am. You also need to prioritise your physical and mental health. Trying to find the right balance in how you spend your time can lead you to neglecting your primary needs. Remember to take time away from both partying and studying to maintain yourself. Check out the tips over at Get Bra Advice to find out how to utilise your workout time during the busy study periods.

Some will learn this quickly whereas others will learn the hard way and it will reflect in their grades.

University is all about balance.

Enjoy the fun of university whilst also working hard

Don’t Leave Everything Until Last Minute

There is nothing worse than an essay deadline creeping up on you. the onset of panic, fear and regret engulfs you and truly will make your work turn out crap.

At the beginning of the semester, make a note of when your important deadlines or exams are and work backwards from that. Giving yourself smaller deadlines and achievements to meet.

You’ll feel such relief and a sense of accomplishment when you’re on top of everything whilst others do the panic library sessions for 48 hours ago.

Get as Much Experiences as Possible

Look around you and think of all the thousands of people who are going to be trying to get a job the same time as you.

It’s important you use your time at university to gain some invaluable experience and do some work experience, internships and more. This is a great time to learn and put to practice your studies.

Trust me, you’ll leave university miles ahead of everyone else and will more than likely get the job.

Get as much work experience as possible during your time at University

Make the Most of it

University is all about having fun and working hard.

Don’t be down on yourself if you don’t go out every night during freshers week but also make sure you get the work done and attend lectures. Remember why you’re there and remember balance is key!

Are you a university student? Let me know by getting in touch today or become a contributor.