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It’s hard work running a blog all on my own while going to university and trying to have an active social life! That’s why I need your help in making sure I always have fresh, relevant content being published all the time. Is that something you think you can do? Read on to find out more…

Topics That Can Be Written About

GirlThingDesigns is a funny old mix. It started off as a personal blog about me and my life but I soon found a focus (sort of!) in blogging about makeup, fashion and art (and sometimes about my life!). Because of this, I ask, if you’re wanting to contribute to my blog, please make sure that what you are writing about falls into these general categories. Health is a general topic that I will accept – but only if I think it is a good fit. Here are some ideas for what you can write about:

  • Makeup reviews
  • News on the latest fashion
  • Up and coming fashion trends
  • How to care for your skin
  • Amazing beauty products
  • A tip for improving someone’s lifestyle
  • You get the picture!

How the Blog Needs to be Written

You need to have an obvious passion for the topic you’re writing about, readers will be able to tell if you’ve just thrown something together quick. The post needs to be at least 500 words and well written and researched.

A clear structure to the post will make it more readable when visitors land on it, so an introduction, main body and conclusion is perfect for creating an easily readable and enjoyable piece.

Try to think of exciting ways to tell your story, the internet is a big place and nearly everything has been written before so make sure it’s unique. On that point – please don’t send me something that you have also published elsewhere, it’s bad for my site and will cause problems down the line. Even better if your piece is already Copyscape passed!

The Audience

It’s probably obvious to you by now that GirlThingDesigns is mainly aimed at women and teenage girls. There are some men who frequent the site and the movement in male beauty products is something that I love! On the whole, though, your article should be catered to women and women artists.

People come to this site to find inspiration for their next makeup look, find the latest fashion and catch up on all things female lifestyle. They’re looking for advice, they’re looking for guidance. your post could be the guidance they need. Think about that when you’re pitching your idea.

Submitting A Guest Post

It couldn’t be easier to contribute to my lifestyle blog. You can contact me directly at or fill in the contact form below and I’ll be back to you as soon as possible. I love it when I see a full inbox with lots of messages to read!

Get involved and let’s get this party started!