As a graphic designer, I take a lot of inspiration from hundreds of designers, brands, companies and even the most random things on the streets.

From beautiful shop interiors to an autumn sunset and so much more, I can truly find inspiration in everything I see.

Inspiration is highly important, especially when you’re working on a million things at once and reach the dreaded creativity block where you literally can’t think of anything original or mind-blowing. There are loads of ways to find your creative flair and here are just a few tips, tricks and individuals who help me to reach my creative potential.


Pinterest is a great tool for helping you to stir up some lost motivation and inspiration when your mind is blank.

From colourways to other designs and so much more, Pinterest is a creative community that was made for graphic designers like you and me!

There is a lot of noise on Pinterest so it’s important to not bombard yourself with too much at once but carefully filter your needs and there will be plenty to get your mind working again.


Magazines are the pinnacle of graphic design and its good to come away from the fast-flowing content online provides and really appreciated printed graphic design.

I always have a few firm favourites including ID Magazine, Vogue and Good House Keeping (random I know) but they really take you out of the online world and into something which is really well-thought out and intricate.

Going for a Walk

Staring at your computer all day trying to make a start on your latest project can be detrimental to your progress.

I always find I become so much more stressed when I reach that mental block and consequently I become more and more frustrated and get even less work done.

Getting out the house (or library) is something which really helps to refresh my mind, clear any stress away and allows me to go back to a much more productive mindset.

Listening to Music

This is something that I find works really well for me but is more of a distraction to my friends. Music helps to take my mind away and really focus on the job at hand allowing me to enjoy the much more creative freedom and expression to create great work.

Working with Friends

My graphic design friends are some of the best I have ever known (I may be biased) but if I really suck I’ll give them a call or pop over and just ask for some advice.

Two minds are always better than one and even if it’s a solo project at university or college as long as they don’t do the work for you its fine.

From throwing ideas around to looking through some of their work, your mind will take you new places and ensure you’re good to go.

How do you get inspired for a graphic design project? Let me know by getting in touch today if you have any graphic design tips you would like to share, then why not write for us and become part of Girl Thing Designs.