Has always been a bit part of my life, my older sister Mia is my ultimate inspiration and when we were growing up, I would always steel her clothes, ask for her advice and copy anything she did style-wise.

I always had a quite individual taste which I guess was quite grown up for my age (I blame Mia’s influence), I would read copies of Vogue, try to imitate what they were wearing on the catwalk and constantly have female celebrities pinned up on my walls.

You can be no one else but yourself so I believe it is so important to really figure out who you are through fashion. The way you dress makes you feel a certain type of way so you should always dress for your mood and express yourself through clothes and accessories; take a look at some of my top fashion tips below.

Invest in the Basics

Investing in the basics is crucial to always nailing that ‘dress down’ look whilst looking effortlessly chic. From plain t’s (my personal favourite) to a biker jack and staple jeans, finding items that can stand the test of time is a miracle.

Although you may squirm a little at spending £40 on a plain white t-shirt, if it’s perfect it will last you a lifetime and I promise is well worth it.

Get Yourself Measured

This is the best piece of advice I’ll ever give you (promise)!

For years I always wore the bra size I ‘thought’ was right however after being encouraged to go for a fitting, my life changed.

I was literally wearing the wrong size for years and it was having such a negative effect on my shape and posture.

Try New Trends

Every season new trends come around and I think it’s really important to make that trend work for you by doing something a little different.

Following the crowd isn’t for everyone but

Don’t be Afraid

Fashion can be scary, especially if you’re doing something out of the ordinary but living in London has really inspired me to just do my own thing. Everyone is so unique and individual and fashion is the perfect way to showcase that.