Life as a Student

I was never really an academic child and throughout my years at school, I always despised maths, science and English subjects instead enjoying art, IT and PE much more to the point where I was actively encouraged to pursue these in college.

As a whole, I was very reluctant to go to college, education was just something I didn’t enjoy and at my age, I naively couldn’t see the point. I was convinced by my parents to take graphic design at college as after just one lesson, I was hooked.

I knew graphic design was the path I wanted to take and applied for university courses to study the subject. I have really taken to student life and find myself not only enjoying the academic aspects of it but also the social side.

University has really helped me to develop the Girl Thing Designs blog as well as my writing skills and IT knowledge has greatly improved over time and this blog has really benefited.

Life in London

Life in London is very different to life in Liverpool.

Yes, Liverpool is a city but it’s just not on the same scale as the big smoke. From an abundance of things to do to the best restaurants, tourist attractions and shopping, there is nowhere quite like London.

Being a student in London is different from most other experiences as you don’t have a collected campus, everything is quick far away from each other and you don’t get that ‘student’ feeling my other friends have experienced in say Leeds, Manchester and Liverpool and not to mention the extortionate cost of living, from rent to food and even when going out, you need a lot more to get back and this has impacted on what I can do.

Saying all this, I have made some great friends living in London and I know for a fact I want to stay here when I graduate, plus the course is amazing and I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Life in Liverpool

Liverpool will always and forever be my home. I am a Scouser, born & bred and I love making the trip back home during the summer, at Christmas and for special occasions.

Liverpool is a small city where everything is walkable, there are some great independent shops & restaurants and above all its where my friends are.

Many of the girls have stayed in Liverpool or nearby to study so when I go back home, they’re all around.

The people in Liverpool is what really makes the city so special and I will always get my hair done at my local salon, speak to strangers on the bus and have a great night out. There is definitely a different vibe in Liverpool, it is calmer, friendlier and most of all….home.

Life as a Single Girl

The only love I need in my life

Being single in London is pretty fun, especially as a girl in my 20’s because there is just so much to do and see. I have a great set of friends who are mostly single and we just hang out together, have fun and tell tales of our numerous dates.

I used to date a lot but I have recently come off all dating sites and I’m just going to wait and see what happens, London is full of young bachelors but I’m in no rush to find my Mr Right.

My love life isn’t something I will be discussing much but if I ever do have a crazy date or meet the man of my dreams, I’m sure you’ll hear about it first here on Girl Thing Designs.