Hello and welcome to Girl Thing Designs,

My name is Rachel and I’m a graphic design student living and studying in London.

Although I’m originally from Liverpool, I’ve been in south London for around three years and consider myself an adopted Londoner and truly love my time in the big smoke.

I’m 22 years old although I do consider myself to be a bit of a grown-up, I have always been fiercely independent which is why I think I really thrive working in graphic design which is typically a very male-dominated environment. I like to push boundaries, surprise people (and myself) and really go against the grain, coming away from the stereotypes and just do me!

Girl Thing Designs began when I first moved to London and was an in need of an outlet to share my experiences, meet new people and keep my family in the loop with all I was getting up to.

I’ve always been a bit of a girly girl and love all things fashion, makeup and health, I think this came with having an older sister and following her constantly as she went shopping, did her make-up and spent hours deciding what to wear each and every day. Mia was only three years older than me but we were inseparable and everyone always used to joke we were really twins.

Although Girl Thing Designs started off as a lifestyle blog it has kind of grown into something much more than that. It is now more defined, has a real focus and is more of me, what I love and what really enjoy reading and writing about.

From fashion and the latest trends to my studies as a graphic designer, Girl Thing Designs is a snapshot of my little life in London as a work through my degree, try to keep up with the madness of city life and try to maintain my sense of style.

You’ll be able to find everything from my take on the latest trends to design finds which I love, tips on health and beauty and pretty much everything in-between.

I frequently get asked where the name Girl Thing Designs came from and in all honesty, it’s a bit of a blur; I struggled for weeks for a name that incorporated my love of fashion and beauty with my passion for what I’m studying; design.

Life in London is extremely busy and it can be hard to maintain a blog whilst also studying for a degree, working part-time and trying to have a fun and active social life (that doesn’t always include binge-watching Netflix). For this reason, I do welcome guest posts from other like-minded people so please if you feel like you’d got something you’ like to add then please don’t be afraid to click here.

If you have any comments for me on my content, want to pitch some ideas or would simply like to chat, then please do not hesitate to get in touch.

I hope you enjoy Girl Thing Designs and I hope it can serve to empower a lot of girls out there looking to make their mark on the world!