Student Life in London

Rachel Holdens     |     Jun, 25

When I tell people I’m a student in London, I’m met with gasps from people telling me how expensive it is and how I’m not getting a ‘real student experience. But during my two years so far as a university student in London, I haven’t found either to be true (to an extent).

If you’re considering London as a destination for your studies that take a look at Girl Thing Design’s top tips for living life as a student in London.

Explore the City

As the UK’s capital city, London is full of things to do and places to see.
Whilst you’re living in London, explore the city, coming away from the tourist hotspots and really delving deep into London life.
From quirky museums to quaint cafes and secret bars, London is a treasure trove of incredible ways to have fun and see the city from a different point of view.

Try Different Ways to Travel

Travel in London is efficient but quite complicated.

From the tube to the bus and cycling, there are a million ways to get around the city but it isn’t cheap and like everything you should be trialling your route before your induction day.

Everything in London is busy and this will take some getting used to but if you’re not a morning person, you may want to avoid the central line at rush hour.
If you can get around on a bicycle, then do it. Of course, you’ll need to ensure you’re safe on the road but you’ll skip congestion, avoid paying a high price for your tickets and get fit along the way.

Traveling around London as a student

Do Your Research

Before you decide on a place to live or even a university to study, do a bit of digging to find out where offers the best course and where the students are living.

There is nothing worse than being miles away from the rest of your university friends so get on forums and start chatting to current and past students to discover more about the vast city of

London and where you should be based.

Make the Most of It

Being a student in London isn’t all about being skint and not enjoying life; it’s the complete opposite.

Being in London is a blessing and many would kill for the opportunity to live in the heart of it all. so enjoy your time there, go out, have fun, make new friends and live your best student life.

Exploit Free Events

Although everyone thinks that London is super expensive, and most students spend their life sitting inside because they can’t afford to do anything, this couldn’t be further from the truth.

From museum exhibitions to music gigs, there are some great free events in London for all to enjoy. There are furthermore loads of discount websites where you can pick up cheap festival and theatre show tickets for pennies so just keep an eye out.

Free events in London for students

I love being a student in London and wouldn’t change my course, university or halls for anything. There is so much going on, I really urge anyone who’s interested to really go for it and come to London for their studies and if you’re new to London or want to meet up – then get in touch today or if you’re a budding writer, why not contribute to Girl Thing Designs?