Unusual Tips to Fake the Perfect Smile in Photos

Rachel Holdens     |     Jul, 01

Don’t you just hate it when you look bad in photos? You see all those people you know, your friends and acquaintances, who look amazing in photos. On the other hand, you look like a troll. If you’re really honest with yourself, you’ll see that you’re no uglier than some of those people, and yet you cannot master the art of taking good photos. Is it a special skill or is it something that can be taught? It’s known that some people are more photogenic than others, but there are some things you can practice and get better. One of those things definitely is your smile and we’re here to help you master the perfect picture-taking smile.

Close and reopen your eyes

Sometimes it’s hard not to look awkward in photos, especially if you’ve been posing for a while. You feel as if your whole face is distorted and trying to fix it actually makes it worse. This is why you should start using the following technique – close your eyes for a second and the slowly open them again thinking of something nice and feeling pretty. While opening your eyes, let your lips curl into a smile and there you go. Of course, make sure not to open them too slowly, you definitely don’t want that look on a photo.

Dental hygiene and procedures

Besides things you can do in the moment, there are also some things you can do as an investment in your beautiful smile. Naturally, this includes regular brushing and flossing, as well as dentist check-ups. What’s more, you can go the extra mile and objectively look at your own teeth. They may need whitening or implants. All on 4 dental implants are known worldwide for their beauty and subtlety. Once you take care of your dental situation, you’ll be well on your way to having a perfect smile, both on and off camera.

Side smirk

Regardless of how hard you try to get it, there is a chance a wide teethy smile just isn’t your thing. However, there are other ways to smile charmingly in photos and it’s always safe to go with the side smirk. You just need to have that doe-eyed look open wide and a simple light side smile. Pick your favorite profile, stand in front of a mirror and try it. It’s much easier to master this than a smile with teeth, so you can always have it as an option. Plus, it will give you that cool and edgy look many people crave.

Smile with your eyes

It’s important to know that people smile with their whole face, not just their mouth. It may be that you simply aren’t faking it all the way. When we smile, our whole face gets a certain glare, our eyes widen and our eyebrows raise. So, when you’re posing for a photo, try to really pretend you’re excited and happy about something; that will bring your whole face to smile with you. It may help to ask some of the people you’re close with to describe your face when you’re smiling honestly. Catch a few details and try to implement them into your future photo sessions.

Tongue touch

We already mentioned awkwardness while smiling for a photo. It may be OK when you’re taking just one picture, but when taking several of them, it’s difficult to keep your original charm. This is where the tongue touch comes in. When you smile for a photo, make sure to raise your tongue to the ceiling of the inside of your month and press it against your gums. This will make it harder for your original facial expression to get distorted.

Now that you have some proper guidance on how to look good in photos, the only thing left is to go and practice it. Remember, practice makes perfect, so don’t expect some magical results on the first try. It takes some effort and some time, but it will eventually get you to look great in photos. You’ll finally be able to look at your photos and reminisce without any bitterness over what your face looks like in the photo.