Top 10 Skincare Tips You Shouldn’t Ignore

Rachel Holdens     |     Jun, 23

It doesn’t matter if you’re a 13-year-old girl or 30-year-old mother, our skin is often the biggest concern for females.

We’re always on the lookout for the next big breakthrough in skincare, trying out new products and waiting for that holy grail facial. We spend so much money and time on our skincare regime for it to always interrupted by a pesky hormonal breakout or a big pimple that appears on the most inconvenient day.

And although we’re led to believe money matters when it comes to skincare products, it’s mostly down to what our daily routine consists of such as what we eat, how much we sleep and the environment we’re surrounded by.

Here at Girl Thing Designs, we’ve created a list of some of our top 10 skincare tips that can be implemented by every girl and women.

Drink Plenty of Water Throughout the Day

Hydration is key to keeping your skin healthy, glowing and breakouts at bay.

Start the day by drinking a large glass of ice-cold water to give yourself a boost and ensure you’re having at least eight glasses a day. You’ll really see the difference and once this becomes routine, you won’t even need to think about it.

Drink water will help you to retain healthy skin

Change Your Pillow Case Every 2 Days

Dirt collects on our pillows every night so if you’re going 7 or 10 days without changing your sheets, you’re sleeping on built up dirt and bacteria every night.

Sleep on your pillow one night, flip it over the next and then put on a new pillow sheet and repeat.

Don’t Dry Your Face with a Towel

Like pillows, towels retrain bacteria (even though you’ve just washed) so we advise you to use a cotton pad, disposable tissues or even kitchen roll to dab your face dry (don’t rub just lightly dab).

Don’t Pick Spots

Something our parents and the experts have been telling us is not to pick our spots but they’re right. Picking spots aggravates them and spread the bacteria which will lead to more spots and spot scars meaning that even after the raised spot goes you’ll be left with the evidence for weeks or even months afterwards.

Top skincare tips - don't pick your spots

Clean Your Makeup Brushes Regularly

Makeup brushes build up bacteria and harbour it, spreading it around your face every time you use it.

Use an antibacterial brush cleanser as often as you can, at least once a week but we highly recommend every other day to really keep your brushes bacteria free.

Regularly Exfoliate

From makeup to air pollution and sweat, our skin is home to many nasty bacteria’s that gather under the surface. You should be exfoliating every other day to keep your skin clear and fresh.

Regularly exfoliate to remove bacteria from your skin

Get Enough Sleep

Beauty sleep is a real thing!

Tiredness can really show on your skin so you’ll find when you’re frequently tired your skin will show it!

Get at least eight hours a night and not only will you feel refreshed in the morning but your skin will improve.

Watch Your Diet

You are what you eat and your skin can vouch for that.

Too much sugar, processed foods and fat can congest your pores so watch what you eat and make sure you’re getting all of your vitamins, iron and greens equating to a healthy diet that will benefit your skin.

Eat well to retain a good skincare regime

Wear SPF

Many people don’t know the importance of SPF but even living in a cold and wet country such as the UK can cause irreversible damage to our skin.

Using a daily SPF can help to retain youthfulness, elasticity and delay the effects of ageing.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Wearing no makeup every couple of days is amazing for our skin.

Use an all-day moisturiser or light masque to help your skin on your no-makeup days to give your skin time to relax and really soak in the goodness.

So there to have Girl Thing Designs top 10 skincare tips. Do you have any skincare advice you wish to share with us here at GTD? We’d love to hear your tips, tricks and personal experiences.

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