6 Pro Tips For Starting Your Own Makeup Vlog

Rachel Holdens     |     Jul, 04

What started as a fun hobby for many women progressed into a legitimate business.  More and more makeup experts are turning towards YouTube to share their talents. And young budding makeup lovers are eager to soak up the knowledge, visiting regularly for more.

If you’re someone who loves creating glamorous looks with makeup or want to share the best tips on where to buy the best materials, turning to vlogging may be a great choice.

If making a profitable channel is something that you would like to achieve, then look no further than these pro tips.

Be Animated

There’s nothing exciting about watching someone babble on in a monotone voice.  It’s important to be energetic and fun when you’re speaking to your followers.

Don’t get us wrong that doesn’t mean you need to put on a clown wig and juggle, but it’s important to keep their attention.  Try to speak with some pep in your step. And above all, smile!

Converse Naturally

Followers love to feel like you’re their friend next door.  Start a conversation with the camera as if you were talking to a buddy.  

Try to carry on a fluid chat with your followers without coming across as if it’s scripted.  They’ll appreciate your sincerity and start to look forward to their visits to your page; as if you’re an old friend.

Give Yourself Time

A lot of vloggers want to give up after the first few videos.  Talking to the camera can be awkward if you’ve never done it before.

The best way to improve is to practice all the time.  Talk to the camera and learn your angles. Watch yourself back and see what does and doesn’t work. By observing yourself and being patient with your process, you’ll improve over time.

Learn Some Basic Editing Skills

It’s essential to learn some basic skills with an editing program.  Your followers will appreciate transition edits, music, and titles.

You may also want to cut out long periods of talking or trim them down.  People can get bored quickly if you talk too long. Get to the good stuff!

There are plenty of free editing programs out there.  Try to find one that suits your skill level and get to work right away!

Create Your Original Identity

In order to become a recognizable name, you’ll need to create a clever handle.  Try to think of something which reflects your style and personality.

Try to choose something which will remain a name that you like.  You don’t want to get stuck with a name which you hate later on.

Share Your Videos

The only way that you’re going to gain popularity is by shameless self-promotion.  Don’t be afraid to send your links to everyone you know!

Post on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else!  Get yourself out there!