4 Beauty and Fashion Items You Should Always Carry In Your Purse

Rachel Holdens     |     Jun, 26

A lady knows that you never know what kind of fashion disasters can creep up on you at any point during the day. It’s always important to keep the essentials on hand so that you can remain fabulous regardless of any curve balls thrown your direction.

Rather than carrying around a duffle bag full of pounds of supplies which will only give you a shoulder ache, try to opt for carrying around just the essentials. The essentials will be sure to keep you fresh and prepared without adding too much bulk to your purse.  Here are the most important items which you should never leave your home without.


It’s always a plus to smell nice.  Your signature scent gives you a sense of feeling fresh and leaving a good impression when people compliment how good you smell.

Therefore, having a small container of perfume in your bag which you can reach for any time that you need a spritz is handy.  Whether you’re at work and about to attend a meeting with a client you want to make a good impression on, or you’ve just gotten off a flight and want to refresh a bit in the ladies room.  Perfume is a quick and effective way to feel instantly better without having to take a shower.


Although there are plenty of makeup items which are part of making a whole cohesive look, there’s something about lipstick in particular which can save the day.  When you apply lipstick, you’ve got an instant splash of color which leaves you feeling less tired and pale.

If you’ve had a busy day and want a quick reboot, applying a bit of lipstick that you’ve got in your purse can keep you feeling glamorous even if you’re nowhere near a mirror.

A Hairbrush

You never know when you may find yourself in a gust of wind which can leave your hair in shambles.  Having a brush on hand is handy for needing to look put together when you may not be feeling it at all.

The nice thing about hairbrushes is they come in all sorts of compact sizes which are easily stored in your purse.  Some even come with a built-in mirror which makes hairstyling on the fly a breeze!

A Scarf

A scarf is easily packed into your bag in a tight ball and can be used for all sorts of things.  If it’s a chilly evening, you can use it to stay warm, or even use as a hair accessory if you’re somewhere outside with lots of wind.

Just be sure to choose a neutral color which is made of all cotton so that it’s doesn’t take up too much space in your bag amidst the rest of your things.