I’ve created this website not only to share my story with the world but also to hear from the world about your story! I’m sharing my experiences to help others in their journey to being the person they want to be and giving tips on how to get there. Whether you’re looking for the eprfect skincare, on the lookout for the next best foundation or just interested in finding out about fantastic art and how to translate it to everyday life, I’m hoping you can find something on GirlThingDesigns that can aid you.

This blog has only become the popular website it is now because the people who read it seem to enjoy what I’m posting. The best way to make sure I continue to post things that you like is to hear from you! The people reading it! That’s why I would love it if you sent me a message below and got in touch to let me know what you want to read about and what you want to know.

I’m happy to read all messages, even if you just want to say hi! Not sure what to send, take a look at some inspiration below:

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I believe the fashion and beauty community should be all-inclusive and friendly, a place where anybody can come and share their thoughts and ideas and discuss what’s going on in the world of beauty right now. If you think you can contribute genuinely helpful and insightful content, then I’d love to hear from you! Send me a message with your idea and we can get discussing on how your contribution can fit in with the content on GirlThingDesigns. If you’re really serious, why not take a look at my contributions page and read through the full list of what I’m looking for and how to write it.

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I may not be the queen of the world (yet!), but I’ve learnt a few things in my time and I like to think I can help with a lot of questions surrounding health, beauty, make-up, art, lifestyle and hobbies. While I am a graphic designer, I also took a short makeup course and even have a qualification in massage therapy! I’ll treat each question with care and give my honest and professional opinion on anything you need to ask. I may even write a blog on your question if I feel a lot of people need it answering too!

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While I’ve been at this for a while now, I’m still by no means an expert in the blogging world! Sometimes my links break, sometimes my host messes up and sometimes I get hacked! If there seems to be something wrong with the site, I’d really love it if you could let me know, there always seems to be something I’m missing. Maybe you think there is something I could do better? I’m open to suggestions and I truly believe that collaboration is the key to success.

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